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Simone Fugger

"I am..."

I am fully present in the here and now and I operate from the present moment. By simply stepping back and becoming still it is possible to experience miracles and to completely dissolve issues within yourself and between yourself and others.It is only from your true presence and in the here and now that you are able to experience giving and receiving deeply in GOD and through GOD. All that is required is your willingness.

In my work I create from the Source of love, stillness, joy, light and gratefulness. This is a place of simply being and of dedication to our Creator so that we may experience eternal trust and blessings.

From this place of glory, of ease and simplicity I would love to accompany and support you on your journey.

My work is based on A Course in Miracles, Original Edition a spiritual training in forgiveness.

I look forward to experiencieng and working with you! New every day!

Heartfelt and loving greetings from Simone

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